Georgia’s Mandatory Parenting Seminars for Parents Divorcing or Separating

Georgia Divorce SeminarThe Mandatory Parenting Seminar in Georgia is a legal obligation for parents going through separation or divorce, as directed by the court to ensure that parents grasp the potential impact their separation might have on their children.

Seminars are designed to equip parents with practical strategies aimed at reducing conflicts and enhancing communication, ultimately fostering an environment that supports the well-being of the children involved. Its main goal is to minimize any adverse effects on children resulting from family changes.

Georgia’s Mandatory Parenting seminars are primarily tailored for parents navigating divorce or separation. Nonetheless, it extends its scope beyond this demographic and can include parents entangled in paternity disputes, custody disagreements, and visitation rights.

Both parents are not required to attend the seminar simultaneously, and it must be completed before your final hearing or settlement. It’s advisable to schedule the class promptly, as certain counties mandate completion within the initial 30 days of legal proceedings. Kindly notify us via email once you’ve finished the class, attaching a copy of your completion certificate. While some counties offer online alternatives, please refrain from opting for these as they aren’t recognized by the courts, and you won’t receive credit for them.

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