Are you feeling scared of divorce, custody disputes, or domestic/family issues?

You Are Not Alone

As a divorce lawyer in the greater Atlanta area, I can tell you firsthand that you are not alone if you’re feeling scared at the prospect of divorce, custody arrangements, or domestic issues. For many of our clients at Pepitone Family Law firm, the idea of family dissolution is something they may not have considered or expected and it comes with many changes that can be scary or create fear. Here are ways you can overcome that fear to reach your full potential.

Come Up with a Plan to Face Fear

We all face fear daily, even those who are not going through a divorce or custody battle. There are many things that we can fear and it happens to everyone. With that said, there have been studies that show that 90% of what we fear does not come true! 

And if we keep fearing our fears, that is what is usually the biggest hindrance to reaching our full potential, whatever that may be. 

When our clients feel overwhelmed and fearful over changing their family structure through a divorce, a custody battle, or a domestic issue, this is what do to help them. 

  • Come up with a plan.
  • Break the plan into smaller steps.
  • Take one step at a time.

With each step, you will be closer to your end goal.

Contact Pepitone Family Law to Help You Face Your Divorce Fears

Divorce, child custody arrangements, and other family law matters can be scary. At Pepitone Family Law, we are here to help you each step of the way and have implemented Flat Fee Divorce and Family Law Services to be transparent and alleviate the worry (or fear) about unexpected legal bills. 

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