How to Successfully Divorce a Narcissist

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As a divorce lawyer serving Gwinnett County, Fulton County and surrounding areas for more than a decade, I have noticed that individuals going through a divorce love to diagnose their ex-partner with some sort of personality disorder. Ten years ago, the popular diagnosis was “bipolar”. Nowadays, it’s “narcissist.” What’s a narcissist? According to the Oxford … Read More

Reasonable and Realistic Expectations About The Divorce Process

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If you are considering divorce, it is important to have reasonable and realistic expectations about the process. It is easy to become frustrated with divorce proceedings when you have unrealistic expectations about your case and its possible outcomes. While each divorce is unique, we wanted to share some universal divorce process best practices to help … Read More

Benefits of Mediation in Family Law

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Getting divorced can be extremely expensive when couples choose the route of litigation to settle their marital disputes. Many individuals looking to initiate the divorce process don’t realize that there are multiple approaches that are generally more affordable than litigation. A divorce attorney who is truly on your side will be able to steer you … Read More