If you are considering divorce, it is important to have reasonable and realistic expectations about the process. It is easy to become frustrated with divorce proceedings when you have unrealistic expectations about your case and its possible outcomes. While each divorce is unique, we wanted to share some universal divorce process best practices to help you feel secure and empowered.

Finding the Right Divorce Attorney

Just because someone is an attorney, does not mean they have experience with divorce. It is also important to note that not all attorneys who take on divorce cases practice family law exclusively. It is in your best interest to hire an attorney who practices exclusively in family law, or takes the majority of their work in this practice area. While you may know an exceptional attorney, if their expertise is in another practice area, they simply do not have the exposure to the family law courtrooms to be able to explain what may happen should specific decisions be left to a judge.

As you research divorce attorneys, be sure to connect with multiple firms to make sure you find the best fit for your personality, your goals, and your budget.

Be Honest

Omitting or lying about information in your conversations with your attorney will only hurt your case. Being upfront and honest will help your attorney better understand your situation and devise meaningful action steps toward your goals. Share all true, relative facts with your attorney regardless of the emotion attached to them. A great family law attorney will be able to listen, understand, and provide you with advice and options.

Listen to Your Attorney’s Advice

Once you find a great attorney, it is in your best interests to listen to their advice. You hired them because of their experience in divorce and family law matters and their understanding of the many nuances of divorce law. Just because your friends or relatives have been through a divorce doesn’t mean what worked for them will work for your situation.


The final price point for your divorce can range greatly depending on the firm you hire and the nature of your proceeding. Cases including custody, large amounts of assets, and personal disputes can add layers of complexity and costly hours to your bill. The Pepitone Law Firm believes that every aspect of your process should be transparent – including the cost of your services from the onset of your case. Our flat-fee pricing eliminates the concern of unexpected bills during an already challenging process.

About Pepitone Family Law

At Pepitone Family Law, our clients are our top priority. We are based in Gwinnett County Georgia and work with clients in Gwinnett County and surrounding areas, including Atlanta. Founded on the belief that honest transparency will lead to informed and empowered decision-making for our clients, w practice exclusively in the area of family law under the guiding principle that every family is different, and every case is unique. Learn more about how our firm and our flat-fee structure can help you by scheduling an appointment with an attorney today.