The best place to start your search for a trusted divorce attorney who meets your unique needs is knowing what questions to ask.

Even if you receive referrals from close friends or family members, it is important to know the divorce firm or attorney’s experience, character, qualifications, legal approach and pricing model. Take the time to speak with attorneys so you have the right representation on your side.

Ashey Pepitone, Gwinnett County divorce attorney at Pepitone Family Law, shares three key questions to ask as you interview potential divorce attorneys:

1. What percent of your cases can you settle without going to trial?

In a typical divorce proceeding, it is preferred to reach an amicable resolution without having to go to court. Reaching a resolution, whether that is through mediation, arbitration, or a collaboration process, saves both parties time and money. An attorney who responds with a higher percentage will be more likely to help you reach a resolution amicably without having to go to court.

2. How often do you take depositions?

Requiring a much more formal and expensive approach to handling cases, depositions are not necessary with divorce. A deposition involves much more time and resources, not just from lawyers, but also from court reporters and witnesses, whose presence would be necessary for testimony.

While the ability to handle depositions might sound like an impressive skill for your attorney to have, it typically indicates that this attorney practices or has specialties in other areas of the law. It could also mean that he or she has a much more litigious approach, potentially leading to a less amicable resolution.

There are situations in which a deposition can be beneficial in a divorce, but those instances are rare.

3. How many jury trials have you demanded or tried?

Jury trials in a divorce process are neither common, appropriate, nor helpful to either party. Taking a divorce case to trial drives up costs and adds contention to the litigation. Similar to depositions, a lawyer who shares that they regularly take cases to trial, most likely serves other practice areas that require a more litigious approach.

Interviewing several attorneys will provide you with a larger scope of perspective and help you identify who will best fit your particular needs and situation. These key questions serve as a starting point so you can get questions answered about your case, and hire the support you deserve throughout this life transition.

The team at Pepitone Family Law is comprised of experienced, empathetic attorneys who share the goal of helping our clients start the next chapter of their lives with confidence and ease. Your needs are our top priority, which is why Pepitone Family Law is an advocate for the flat-fee billing philosophy. The firm believes that our clients should not be concerned with surprise legal fees as they navigate such personal changes.

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