Ashley Pepitone, founding attorney of Pepitone Family Law, joined the ABA Techshow 2023 faculty to share her expertise in implementing innovative strategies to promote client experience within her practice.

A regular attendee of the Techshow, this was Ashley’s first year presenting. She spoke on two topics that reflect the processes she has used in structuring her growing domestic law firm: Starting and Running a Flat Fee Practice and Humanizing Your Client Experience With Tech.

As one of the most antiquated industries that exist in the United States, the legal system must shift as society modernizes to accommodate changes in technology, trends, and consumer interests. Since opening her practice in 2021, Ashley has implemented a flat fee philosophy that has improved the client experience within her firm through client confidence and transparency in decision-making. Ashley shared that while there are some misconceptions about the efficiency of modern billing and communication practices in law, the most important condition is that practices remain client-centered.

Ashley Pepitone is a domestic litigation attorney in Georgia, serving Gwinnett County and the Greater Atlanta Area. Her progressive approaches have helped place her at the forefront of a culture shift in the legal profession that encourages setting personal and professional boundaries without compromising the client experience.

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