Divorcing couples have a healthier, more cost-effective alternative to the typically adversarial nature of the divorce process – it’s called Amicable Divorce. There is no denying the impact of divorce, and while amicable divorce doesn’t omit all pain and strain, the civil nature of the amicable divorce process is better for the couple and family overall. In an amicable divorce, the focus is on negotiation rather than litigation and there are advantages: fewer court appearances, minimized emotional strain on children, decreased legal expenses, and a faster resolution. Here is what you need to know about amicable divorce.

Amicable Divorce Network Certified Amicable Divorce ProfessionalWhile many attorneys say they do amicable divorce, it’s important to understand that not all are fully vetted. Choose a divorce attorney vetted by the Amicable Divorce Network (ADN), the only global network comprised entirely of vetted professionals selected for their experience, commitment to fair billing practices, and emphasis on a resolution-oriented practice. Lawrenceville Georgia divorce attorney Ashley Pepitone, founding attorney of Pepitone Family Law is a Certified Amicable Divorce Professional (CADP) through the Amicable Divorce Network. In addition to being a CADP, Pepitone holds two specialty designations from the ADN in child-centered divorces and gray divorces (divorces that involve older spouses), which further enhances her knowledge of the amicable divorce process.

Next, you and your spouse must both commit to pursuing the amicable divorce process and agree not to contest the divorce. Nothing will be filed with the court until everything is finalized, which eliminates costly litigation.

Your attorney and your spouse’s attorney then meet to create a customized plan based on the needs, budget, and circumstances of your family. This plan focuses on the issues most important to you and your spouse and lays the groundwork as we discuss solutions. Additional specialists from the ADN, such as financial advisors, real estate agents, and mental health professionals, can be sought out in the process if you need them. The choice of who you work with is always up to you, and you don’t have to work with the professionals chosen by your spouse. Together, your team will guide you throughout the amicable divorce process.

Once all of the issues surrounding your divorce have been resolved through good-faith negotiations, the divorce will be filed without the case ever having gone to court. If you want to settle your divorce in a way that is ethical, low-conflict, and child-centered, then an amicable divorce may be for you.

Meet Ashley Pepitone: A Certified Amicable Divorce Attorney

Attorney Ashley PepitoneAs a Certified Amicable Divorce Professional, Ashley Pepitone is committed to the amicable divorce process. The CADP training course, available only to ADN members, provides attorneys and other divorce specialists with a deeper understanding of how to assist clients through all the stages of a resolution-focused divorce. In addition, Pepitone holds two specialty designations from the ADN in child-centered divorces and gray divorces (divorces that involve older spouses), which further enhance her knowledge of the amicable divorce process and serves on the ADN board as their wellness chair.

Through the ADN, Pepitone connects and collaborates with other respected professionals who are likewise committed to helping divorcing couples avoid traditional, destructive litigation.

About Pepitone Family Law

Ashley Pepitone founded Pepitone Family Law on the belief that honest transparency leads to informed and empowered decision-making. Our team is committed to listening to your needs and understanding the unique circumstances of your situation. We help families settle their differences in a low-conflict atmosphere that provides opportunities for unconventional resolution such as meditation and arbitration. Our firm’s flat-fee billing philosophy means you always know your costs before you incur them.

If you’re in the process of a divorce and want to learn more about the amicable divorce process, contact Pepitone Family Law today for a consultation.