When It Comes to Child Custody: Be the Parent

Child Custody, Family Law

Gwinnett County family lawyer Ashley Pepitone, founder of Pepitone Family Law, says one of the biggest struggles she sees in divorce and child custody cases is a parent unwilling to be the parent and enforce the custody agreement. Today’s parenting encourages children to speak up and make decisions about their lives at an early age. … Read More

Family Law Flat Fee Services Explained

Family Law, Pepitone Family Law

Divorce, child support modifications, custody battles, contempt. If you are navigating any of these, you have enough things to worry about. An unexpected legal bill shouldn’t be one of them. You deserve to know what your costs will be before you incur them. Lawrenceville, Georgia lawyer Ashley Pepitone, founding attorney of Pepitone Family Law, believes … Read More

Reasonable and Realistic Expectations About The Divorce Process

Divorce, Family Law

If you are considering divorce, it is important to have reasonable and realistic expectations about the process. It is easy to become frustrated with divorce proceedings when you have unrealistic expectations about your case and its possible outcomes. While each divorce is unique, we wanted to share some universal divorce process best practices to help … Read More